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    The last year of my life has been something really special. I signed up for the Quest Institute Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma, having a sense that I was possibly taking a step through a door to another world - little did I know then just quite what a fantastic world that was and how it was going to impact on my life. Doing the Diploma course is certainly much more than just 'doing a course'. It's a life changer! and if you allow it guides you towards a better version of yourself, whilst learning how to assist people to work towards their better versions of themselves. I have learnt so much, more about me and a strong foundation to start my career as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. Trevor and Bex who run the Institute are amazing people who make everyone feel welcome and totally capable of obtaining their goals. Entering the world of Quest is a wonderful experience with understanding and support from every direction. I have met some fabulous people and due the ongoing support arrangements have support and advice at my fingertips from peers and highly experienced 'Questie's' on an ongoing basis. Now that that I've qualified and come to the end of the diploma course, I have chosen to go straight onto the Master Practitioner course, so that I can continue learning more advanced techniques while getting support in setting up my business. Have just loved the last year ..... now it's onwards and upwards :) Anyone considering a career in this area, I would advise not to hesitate in signing up - You'll never regret it!
    Tina Wilson

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