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Discussion in 'Wordweaving Volume I' started by Elliott Wald, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Most people like me, have a whole stack of books sitting on the side just waiting to be read, and as time goes by the pile begins to diminish. Only to be re-stocked as more and more 'mind nutrients' are added to the pile. Some of the books can literally take weeks to read, digest and evaluate, and clearly there is nothing wrong with this, but every once in a while I pick up a book and become transfixed on the content and the author’s ability to permeate information, to the point where it seems… almost, as I have begun to read I have completed the book. I am delighted to say that ‘Wordweaving’ is one of those books. I started reading the book Saturday morning and enjoyed it so much that I had read it by Monday morning. I have already pencilled a note in my diary to re-read in November.

    It’s wonderful simplistic explanations and examples make this book a must for any good hypnotherapist

    Elliott Wald, DCH, Dip Sp. Psy, Dip SC, MNLP, HA, BSSA EasyStop founder & course director Director Hypnotherapy Association

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