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    I know it is incredibly difficult to make decisions sometimes! Personally I have been interested in Hypnotherapy since I was 16 years old when I was employed and in awe of my employer, who was both a Pharmacist and a Hypnotherapist. It has taken me years to take the plunge as I am now 46!

    I had been seriously researching hypnotherapy courses for about 3-4 years before I took the plunge and started on my own journey with QUEST. I never thought I could do it academically - but you are truly nurtured throughout the QUEST course, not only by the wonderful Trevor & Bex, but by your fellow Questies who almost become part of your family.

    The one thing that has completely amazed me is the support from the whole of the QUEST community both on the actual course and via the Forum - people I have never even met!

    If you are considering this course, you can listen to the video, you can read these testimonials, but somehow, it is difficult to comprehend what this actually means in reality. Help and support is available within minutes of posting a request and you really are never on your own.

    Quite simply - I cannot recommend this course more highly! :D

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