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    The ten months training has been enlightening, educational, and enriching in all areas of my life.
    It has been an emotional roller coaster - I thought I would just get a badge that said I could practice as a cognitive hypnotherapist - knowing I had been trained by the very best, what I actually got no money could buy.

    Yes I have had the very best training available, yes I can stand head and shoulders above other hypnotists and yes I know and have the pleasure and joy of helping people change their lifes and until you experience that - there are no words to explain the peace and serinity that makes you feel.

    I have trouble with reading and writing - the thought of an exam terrified me - I thought i would just learn everything I could and walk away - but thanks to the support of my friends in q32 and the immense encouragement and understanding of the quest team - I have my badge and I am immensly proud.

    But for me, well I wish I had written down my hopes fears and beliefs in me day one because I know now what I did not know then - that person was such a tiny part of who I really am and what I can do and be.

    whether you take this course for a carreer change in the knowledge it is by far the very very best you can take, or whether you are curious about you, I cannot stress enough that you just do it.
    Ten months fly by - but if I had of written down what I thought I knew about me then - I really would not recognise that person now.
    if you are reading this - you are thinking of signing up. Do it.
    It will be the greatest gift you could ever give yourself and those around you.
    nuff said. xx
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