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Discussion in 'Wordweaving Volume I' started by Dawn Anderson, May 21, 2003.

  1. "Mastering this book will free you from the constraints of scripts....." It is hard to disagree. Wordweaving is easy to understand and jargon free. It is written in a concise, but simple style, making it an ideal work of reference for both hypnotherapy trainers and practitioners. Its' step-by-step approach, and use of NLP langauge patterns, offers a straightforward guide to therapy sessions, identification of client induced trance phenomena, and teaches you how to use those trance states to effect change in a clients' perception of a problem. In addition, formatted examples of both direct and indirect suggestion, facilitates the creation of high-impact hypnotic language, aimed specifically at the root of the clients' problem. For experienced hypnotherapists, or those just starting out, this book will prove invaluable, and one you will want to return to again and again. With a foreword by Dr Shaun Brookhouse, easy to follow chapter headings, useful exercises and conclusions, it is a joy to read and a valuable work of reference. Endnotes, Bibliography and a comprehensive index, are also invaluable. Highly Recommended.

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