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    This course has completely changed my outlook on life and people. I can honestly say that as a direct result from undertaking this course I have developed personally.

    Like the previous feedback from students, I too share their enthusiasm for the course, for Trevor and the Quest family, which includes his lovely wife, Bex and the assistants. Believe me, there is a long queue to be an assistant. My mentor travelled all the way from Manchester and would return there on the Sunday night! And I would do the same!

    I found Quest through the National Council for Hypnotherapy. In fact, Trevor used to be the editor of their journal. Who better to teach Hypnotherapy?

    Trevor is a relaxed, informal and down-to-earth character. Although he is a giant in the field of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, he always made me feel as if I was on his level. He was very encouraging to everybody. His humorous charm made learning fun.

    I enrolled on the course as I wanted to be a Hypnotherapist. The idea of Cognitive Hypnotherapy was very appealing and, as a bonus, there’s also a certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming to be obtained. I received the two qualifications and much, much more than I had ever expected, I understand myself better. Although I am generally a positive person, I have been given the tools to be as positive as I want to be in all environments, including what could be perceived as stressful. And I have been taught how to make a difference to how people feel, see the world, and be phobia or addiction free.

    In summary, this course has many appeals. I have a new profession. I have a toolbox of techniques that CAN make a difference to people’s lives, and my life. I have met a lot of lovely people. I liked the course so much that I have enrolled on further courses with Quest!

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