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    I have never reviewed anything online before so I will give it a shot. I will keep it short otherwise you may find yourself drifting off into a deep relaxing sleep due to my ongoing rambling!

    This course is unlike any other hypnotherapy training course. To me this sounds too business like and boring. It is more than just a training course. This is a Quest training course.

    At the heart of it, the training and the community spirit is second to none. It is also a place to admire......a place to be inspired......a place to feel welcomed......and a place to have fun. A place to make friendships......a place to listen to Trevor's jokes and pun's......a place to grow and develop......a place to overcome. A place of self-discovery......a place where you feel comfortable......a place where you are supported......and a place where you can learn......And it may not be until afterwards that you realise that you were on a wonderful journey that you will not regret and never forget......This is Quest.

    Just realised this sounds a bit like a poem :p Maybe after attending Quest, it has made me think, just a little more creatively.......which is a good thing.

    You will learn the best techniques available to help others grow and overcome their limitations. You have everything to gain. Trevor & Bex form an outstanding partnership who inspire you and guide you to be the best you can be and along with all the wonderful assistants and Jan who are always there to help and support you along the way.

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