Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma Review

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  1. Two years ago I was in….. lets just say…..not a great place. Don’t get me wrong in the grand scheme of things the quality of my life was above average. But as a person I had become something I didn’t recognise. I went to the doctor who listened to me talk through my list of physical symptoms, then I cried a bit so she listened to what that was about and she concluded by saying lets keep a watching brief on how things go. I only know a bit about approaches to dealing with mental health issues but I think she had me hovering at step one of a three-step model to treatment. I’d say I was possibly mildly depressed. 'Ok' I said but eventually when I composed myself I thought like hell ‘wait and see’ I have to do something about this-life is too flippin short to wait and see.

    So to cut a long story short I found myself in coaching which led me to start a whole new life. As part of this new life I was doing new things and learning new skills. I stumbled upon Quest as I was reviewing hypnotherapy courses for a new found friend. I liked what I saw on the Quest website and again to cut a long story short I attended the self-helpnosis course and signed up for the Quest diploma course shortly after.

    I’m no Oscar Wilde so I find it quite difficult to put into words the full experience of the course and do it justice. The overall quality, content, approach, Trevor and Bex, the assistants, venue, fellow course members are all excellent, top, the best, fantastic, brilliant, lovely……..I could go on and on and on and on. Before I signed up I made contact with some people who had done the course and was told its like being part of a family. I thought ‘oh that sounds nice’ but also thought it was a bit cliché and didn’t really believe it. Anyway I can now eat my words and honestly say it is really like that!!!

    As for the learning we were reassured that it would all come together and it did. We were reassured that when you go away from here you’ll be surprised at how well equipped you are to practice………. that is also true. It was suggested that we would establish some life long friendships and whilst I can’t actually say that is true just yet I am certain it will be..………..Now all of that is excellent but the really fantastic thing for me, which is why I bored you with the bit at the beginning, is that the course has truly accelerated my journey to becoming who I really am……… and that for me is priceless……….

    So would I recommend the course?…… bet I would!!!!!!

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