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    Review of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Course

    Simply put this is a great course, incredible material that covers so effectively so many areas regarding, hypnotherapy, therapy and self-improvement.

    After 3 years training as a counsellor I wanted to expand my abilities not only as a therapist but also for my own self-improvement. I almost gave up after searching the Internet and seeing pictures of graduates of weekend or weeklong courses on hypnosis outside hotels in Milton Keynes.

    I wanted a course that not only informed me but also inspired me to want to do more…….it felt like it was never going to happen…..then a friend mentioned Quest and Cognitive Hypnotherapy… I did a search…

    Well I clicked on the link and somehow landed on the page with a picture of Barney…..(Trevor and Bex’s very cute dog), I was a bit confused and initially wondered if I come across Hypnotherapy for Dogs!!!

    I found the home page and was hooked……

    Over 10 months it has fulfilled all my expectations of inspiring me, informing me and helping me to grow not only professionally but personally as well….

    I could go over all the incredible material we have covered and how I found it so amazing but that would not be a review but a dissertation. However not only did I learn about Cognitive Hypnotherapy with the natural infusion of NLP but also the wider world of Neuro Sciences, Psychology and Energy Therapy.

    Trevor is a great teacher, presenter, mentor and a friend because that’s how he makes all feel.

    The measure of a great teacher is that the learning feels effortless, inspiring and creative, and that’s how it feels working and learning from Trevor.

    However there is a great team with Trevor with such dedication that I am often humbled by it, they are Bex, Jan, Julie and assistants……

    Lastly the assistants……what better a measure of a course then its assistants.

    These guys offer their time freely over the 10 months to help the students. Who are these guys? Well they are fellow Questies who have finished and want to give back some of what they have been given….

    Any course that leaves you wanting to give back to other students in such committed way is a wonderful recommendation.

    The Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy course is without doubt one of my best decisions it has opened many more doors of possibilities and ways of working. It goes beyond instructing in how to be a hypnotherapist but how to become a unique Cognitive Hypnotherapist that is a refection of who you are as an individual. Oh and a phew drinks and plenty of laughs…..

    Thanks guys I give you 5 stars, an Oscar and a Flapjack (for Barney…Grrrr)!!!!


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