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    In February 2010 I was notified by my MD that my position in the business was under review. I was due a bonus for my work and knew that it was time to start looking for another job.

    The idea of swapping one job for another that I may not like was distinctly unappealing and in light of the economic climate and the jobs market I came to decision that what I needed was a skill. A skill in an area in which I held interest.

    I had been to see a Quest Therapist the year before and remembered his glowing praise of Quest. I contacted The Quest institute and met with Trevor in March.

    As we sat down, my AD (for non-cog hypnotherapists I would describe this as my logical/thinkers brain) was running at a hundred miles per hour trying to pick up on the truth of the course, the expertise of Trevor and any hint of what can politely be called 'exaggeration'.

    I found what I hoped for.

    Trevor was incredibly honest and forthcoming. He recommended I compare his course to at least 2 others. He came across as calm, confident, friendly, engaging and open. I detected no exaggeration, no false claims and something, which for me, was vital. A genuine desire and historic proof of extending and advancing the field.

    I agreed to sign up for the course that day.

    Module 1 I was a bit nervous. This was quickly put at ease by the quality and decency (not to mention humour) of my fellow students. Almost every group has a bad egg. This one did not. I put that down to Trevor and Bex's skills at selecting their students.

    Everybody experiences the course differently. For me, I only really kicked into it from about module 4 onwards and started looking forward to it from about module 5/6. Before that, I was constantly looking ahead to graduating, because by this time my day job had got worse and I spent most of the time counting down the days until I could make this my new career.

    Module 6 onwards went like lightning and I graduated yesterday.

    It was a moment that was up there with getting my degree. Only this time, I had made my choices as a considered adult rather than as an 18 year old. That made it so much more important.

    How I would rate the course:

    Length: 10/10 - One weekend a month is just enough. Anymore and it would be intrusive, any less and the learning would suffer.

    Content: 10/10 - Phenomenal. The Principal Trainer has written 3 books and extended the field. He also practices what he preaches and still sees clients.

    Trainer: 10/10 - Trevor has a unique style that uses humour and true case studies to illustrate the techniques and knowledge. Ample time is given to practice. He is clear and supportive and allows questions and input.

    Facilities: 9/10 - Regents College in Regents Park is set in fantastic grounds. Beautiful in the summer and peaceful in the winter.

    Support staff: The assistants were fantastic. Their help was selfless.

    Non-Class support: The forums have a wealth of information and there are always Questies willing to assist. This continues upon graduation.

    Prospects: The Quest Institute seeks to seperate Cognitive Hypnotherapy from mainstream hypnotherapy and with good reason. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is non-protectionist, seeks to enfore high codes of conduct and training and ensure quality in all aspects with a basis on neuro-science and the open mindedness to embrace what works. The rest of the industry has a long way to go. Quest will be unique and at the forefront of turning a part of hypnotherapy into a respected and quality defined therapy.

    Overall: 10/10 As a result of the course I intend to become a full time Cognitive Hypnotherapist. In addition to this planned change in my career, I have changed as a person. I understand my behaviour and the behaviour of those around me which in turn allows me to adapt.

    I have made life long friends.

    I have met some incredible mentors.

    I have learned a skill set that I can use almost anywhere.

    I believe I am part of something that will be a serious discipline.

    I believe we will provide THE therapy of choice.

    I believe there is scope for this in all aspects of life, not just therapeutic problems.

    I would recommend this course and would be happy to answer any questions over phone or email.

    Enjoy it.

    Jamie Panter
    City Therapy Partners

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