Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    In my professional career to date, I have been privileged to be sent on some of the best corporate training money can buy. However, all of this pales into insignificance compared with the quality of training I have received as part of Q34. Where to start? Trevor is a very accomplished trainer and knows exactly how to engage his audience and pace their learning. The materials issued are comprehensive without being patronising. The impact of the last 10 months for me personally has been immense, I know I am a very different person to the one who entered the room in October 2012 and this is as a result of Trevor's fantastic training style, the very high quality of the content and the wonderful support you receive from your fellow Questies. At every stage the learning is reinforced. Yes, the HPD is demanding but very worth it and you will get plenty of support from everyone throughout the process. I look back on the decision I made 12 months ago to commit to this journey and I feel smug because I know I have made one of the best decisions of my life to just go for it. I strongly recommend anyone who is considering this course to put aside any doubts and just go for it you will not regret it!...And we can both be curious about what it will feel like when you look back at yourself in 12 months time and realise how different you are in so many wonderful ways....

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