Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    I've tried learning new skills since leaving Uni in 1989, but struggled to hold my interest because of the way the subjects were taught. My attention needs to be held for me to last the hour. I decided I must be unmanageable! :)

    Then I arrived at the first Quest weekend. The energy (zest!) that goes into it is extraordinary. To be honest, I didn't really know what I was coming to learn, only that I was about to learn some techniques to help people as I had been helped! I got so much more than that. I was gripped, not just for the first hour, but the whole weekend. I couldn't hear enough.

    I was giggling with Zach this Saturday at how Trevor can tell the same story two or three times yet we all gasp and laugh as though it were the first - how does he do that?!

    This course is life-changing - it didn't just drop information into my brain, it engaged me at every level, emotionally, mentally and spirit and soul.

    And you can choose to engage as much or as little as you like but Trevor, Bex, Jan and the assistants give so much, it is impossible not to want to give back. I'm giving the rest of my life to honouring the Quest way.

    Thank you from the heart.

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