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    I was hooked round about Page 3 of ‘Wordweaving—The Science of Suggestion’, and signed up for the Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy shortly after that. The fascination continued with the first manual, ‘Weekend One Pre-Read’, and never ceased. Each new Pre-Read reeled me in even more in between training weekends. Trevor condenses a vast amount of complex information from many fields to make the literature (and the presentations) extremely understandable and enjoyable and leaves you eager to learn even more.

    With each Course pre-read having ignited the curiosity and primed the mind for more detailed information, I found myself willing each subsequent training weekend to arrive. When it did, each one more than fulfilled my high expectations. The training itself was always captivating and the learning atmosphere relaxed, fun and easy. I was really surprised at how eagerly and confidently I approached each new exercise.

    The group atmosphere—not only experienced during the training itself but also evident in the sharing of ideas, support, and experiences by former and current students on the Quest Forum—is very special. Notable amongst the qualities of this group character are acceptance and sharing, which I believe have grown organically within the Quest community from having experienced Trevor, Bex, Jan, Course Assistants, and contributors to the Forum living and breathing the core principles that Cognitive Hypnotherapy is based on. As an example, Trevor taught us about the differences in how we each construct our reality. A more important learning beyond what was learnt from the words he spoke were the many experiences of witnessing Trevor authentically appreciating, enjoying, and celebrating those differences in all of us.

    One of the most important elements of the training for me was Trevor’s authenticity. It’s hard to explain what I mean by that but, more than purely teaching something of great value in itself, it seemed to me that Trevor was sharing something that was very much a part of him. I noticed that all the responses that Trevor gave to the many questions asked of him seemed to sprout from a place infused with respect for the client’s welfare; high ethical standards; a sincere desire to give the questioner something of real value; congruency; and more. When thinking about this one day I had an image of a meadow, abundant with beautiful wildflowers growing in a rich soil. I saw each response Trevor gave (actually, everything Trevor gave) as an offering of those flowers, given generously from the meadow within his mind that was continually abundant due to its rich soil. I see the flowers to be the incredible gift I have received (and will continue to receive) from Trevor and Quest, and the rich soil to be the principles, values and beliefs from which that gift has grown. I received much more than flowers though: Trevor has given me the rich soil and the seeds to grow a meadow in my own mind, from which can grow an abundance of flowers that I too can share with my own clients.

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