Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Discussion in 'Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy' started by Aziz Aboelsood, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Hi Trevor,
    What a wonderful idea, it's about time to talk about our Quest family.

    I started the course (Q18) Feb.06, and after completing my Diploma I am assisting on course
    (Q21). The Diploma course is very well organised, with good quality teaching materials. I did enjoy having the pre-read prior to the modules. The teaching environment is excellent - both atmosphere and location. The workshop style of teaching is very much facilitative to adult learning, and having the opportunity to practice skills in class is very useful in enhancing the learning experience.
    Also the friendly and supportive atmosphere, where peer support is encouraged, make the Quest Institute a good model of learning and inspiration for Hypnotherapy and NLP teaching.
    Finally, Trevor's Wordweaving model of structured indirect suggestions is an excellent and very useful model for modern hypnotherapy.
    Many thanks

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