Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Discussion in 'Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy' started by Janice Twine-Wells, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. I founnd Quest by chance really. I had been to see a 'Clinical Hypnotherapist' for help in dealing with the many issues I had in my life. It had not really worked so I assumed that Hypnotherapy was no good for me.
    I was on a day course and met a man who had got over his fear of flying by seeing a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and I thought I would give it a bash.
    Anyway that was 2 years ago and I was so impressed with how well we had conquered all my issues that I decided to do the course. I soon realised why the therapy I received from the Clinical Hypnotherapist did not work for me because she used the same scripts for each problem for all her clients, and the calming tape she played during our sessions were not calming for me (I can't stand the sound of pan pipes or running water).
    Finding Quest was the best thing I have ever done. Trevor and Bex are truly amazing people and aside from the excellent training they provide, the ongoing support is so brilliant. I have made many true friends through Quest and its regular meetings and I passed my HPD ! How good is that ?

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