Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    The Quest Institute training in Cognitve Hypnotherapy and NLP has provided me with the skills, competence and confidence to challenge conventional thinking on the management of psychological issues. The course is taught in the most user friendly of ways and this means that every student can feel that they are at some time the most important person in the room. Because Trevor is dedicated to the development of Cognitive Hypnotherapy there are regular Questie meetings for graduates to allow them to keep up to date with current practice. The people who make up what can only be described as the family of Quest, are the most supportive, considerate, generous and talented that I have had the pleasure to meet. To train with Quest is not only an opportunity to become a competent Cognitive Hypnotherapist, but more importantly the opportunity to be surrounded and supported by the best in the business.
    John Peters nlpmind.co.uk

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