Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Discussion in 'Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy' started by Scott Nicholson, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Completing the Quest course has been a genuine milestone in my life, and something I am so pleased to have done.

    Curiosity led me to wanting to know more about hypnotherapy and, after examining the web-sites and propectuses of many different training schools, I settled on Quest as it simply seemed the most comprehensive, detailed and challenging course available.

    I was certainly not disappointed with my decision as the course has taught me so much at so many different levels. It has benefited me personally, in understanding the 'way people work' and how to communicate effectively; it has developed so many skills that will allow me to help others and, last but not least, it has made me realise what a great career being a Cognitive Hypnotherapist would be.

    Trevor Silvester is a wonderful tutor with a marvelous way of explaining scientific processes in an easily digestible way whilst always remaining open minded and interested in different perspectives.

    The course is fun, fascinating and incredibly rewarding.

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