Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    I thoroughly recommend Quest to all established psychotherapists or counsellors (of any modality) who are looking to enhance their therapeutic practice by adding hypnotherapy to their skills set. I have found that I have been able to integrate Cognitive Hypnotherapy seamlessly into my private practice (and what's more, my clients love it!). Obviously, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can also be offered as a modality of therapy in its own right - and I am increasingly doing this with clients who express a preference for short-term solution-focused work (this is, let's face it, what most prospective clients yearn for, and as a direct result, my client base is expanding and I have never been busier!). When I had been thinking about further training before joining Quest, I had been very tempted, like many psychotherapists, to jump on the CBT bandwagon. Looking back, I consider myself so fortunate that a colleague pointed me in the direction of Quest instead. The course's core philosophy chimes with everything I believe about therapy - namely that we work with our clients' models of the world and not our own.

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