Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    A couple of years ago my life was dominated by acute anxiety and the fear that I would spend the rest of my life relying on medication to get me through. I realised that to change the dire way I was feeling I would have to find some way of facing up to my problems, a way of regaining control and the hope of a positive future, without medication.

    Like many people I've always had a wary interest in hypnotherapy and decided this was one of the routes I wanted to explore. As I learned more about how it might help me I realised if hypnotherapy really was capable of bringing about the changes I needed then I wanted to learn how to help others who were suffering as I was.

    After many phone calls and visiting as many organisations as I reasonably could I had just one more organisation to contact - The Quest Institute run by Trevor Silvester. An informal interview/chat was (and still is) required before Trevor would accept an application for training and afterwards I was invited to stay and watch a class in progress.

    During that class Trevor demonstrated a technique for overcoming phobias on a lady with a fear of heights. I was stunned at the effectiveness of the technique and profoundly impressed with Trevor's obvious skill and integrity. I was convinced that if I was going to find a way forward through hypnotherapy then the tools, models and theories brought together by Trevor within Cognitive Hypnotherapy would offer me as good a chance as I was ever likely to find.

    As I write this I’ve just finished assisting with the training of Q21, a great bunch of people who are going to make excellent therapists. And in a weeks time I’ll be starting the Quest NLP Master Practitioner training. Life is good and full of choices. Thank you Trevor and Bex.

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