Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    Excellent course which I would, and do, thoroughly recommend to everyone I meet with an interest in NLP and Hypnotherapy. Trevor is a great guy who has a genuine dispositon and passion for what he does which is transposed into a relaxed yet innovative and informative learning experience. I am an ex-Royal Navy Commando and ex-Hostage Nagotiator, and not the most pc person I know, As such some refer to me as a 'mans man'. I was always keen to learn more about NLP and hypnotherapy, however, having been on many previous 'theraputic' type NLP courses that re-affirmed my dislike of tree and people-hugging, crystal gazing, pop-sock wearing and bearded therapists (sorry Trevor), I was initially skeptical about doing the training with Quest. I also was unsure of what I would do with what I would learn. However, I think this man has a gift. His genuine nature and ability to include individuals is infectious. I have to say that I have trained with may NLP professionals in my time, including Bandler and McKenna, but I feel I have gained the most beneift and insight from my time spent in training with Trevor. It has allowed me to re-evaluate what I do and how I do it and has set me on a path that I very nearly didn't take that I now enjoy immensely. For those of you like me who have similar concerns to what I had this is the guy you should train with. I haven't yet hugged a tree, bought a crystal or grown a beard, but I have embraced change within my own organisation that has allowed the business to grow quicker and faster, I allow people I help to hug me (big change for me that one), bought a brand new Range Rover, six other properties and a boat and now speak to people with beards - all since the course. In short, even if you don't want to be a therapist, or are not sure what you are likely to do once trained, this course may change your life.

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