Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    My experience of the Quest diploma course was very positive.
    The course was well structured and paced. Concepts were introduced in a clear and accessible manner through the course handbook and developed with relevant and interactive exercises during the weekend training sessions. The references for further study were informative and often very readable.

    Trevor's enthusiasm for NLP as both a therapeutic model and a bridge to wider philosophical and intellectual issues was contagious and it was evident that many course attendees were both motivated to "Get up and go" and to consider the wider implications of the course content.

    Trevor and Bex fostered a welcoming and open atmosphere in which individuals could build friendly and trusting relationships with each other. This was of course entirely congruent with the central belief in the importance of rapport building and client centered approaches.

    Further to the high quality of skills training, a great deal of support was available for the completion of the written assessment. This made what might otherwise have been an intimidating task a manageable and even enjoyable activity.

    I would recommend the Quest Institute to anyone who is considering taking an NLP or Hypnotherapy course. I would also confidently recommend many Quest trained therapists to someone who felt that hypnotherapy might help them overcome personal difficulties, and this I think is the best measure of the excellent training that Quest provide.

    James Hanley

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