Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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  1. I wasn't really looking for hypnotherapy training, but I had spent hours researching NLP training and couldn't settle on any course in particular. I'd wanted to do something in my spare time to stimulate my brain whilst doing what was at the time a pretty mind-numbing job.

    When I saw the Quest site, it spoke volumes to me, made absolute sense and I immediately applied. When I told my partner about it, he wanted to do it too! He however, had reservations until we met Trevor, Bex and Barney at our interview when it became completely obvious that we should take the course together, which we did.

    We looked forward to those weekends so much and always left on a high, (especially after weekend 7 when my partner proposed!). The pace of learning is absolutely spot on, just the right level of being challenged and supported 100%. It was such a safe environment to learn in, with no fear of being wrong or making a fool of yourself. If I could tell you the amount of times I didn't think I'd ever get it, and then I did. It was great to discover that this was more about science than any incense-swinging heebeegeebees! (Please note: incense swinging has an appropriate time and place!) By the end of the first weekend, I realised I was completely entranced by Cognitive Hypnotherapy and this love affair continues today!

    Trevor and Bex absolutely practice what they preach and have passion and integrity for what they do. The course materials are great and you are never left on your own in the dark, which I have experienced before with other courses, (thanks for the cheque, here's your reading list, bye!).

    Since I qualified I have regularly been seeing clients and even though I had started the course simply out of an interest in personal development, I finished it with all the skills necessary to set up a successful Cognitive Hypotherapy practice of my own. My now husband, uses it to better his golf and improve his dinner party conversations (he needed it!)

    I qualified five years ago and feel just as supported and part of the Quest family now as I did the very first day we nervously arrived. There is a great online community with peer supervision and regular meetings to keep you in the loop or to help if you get stuck.

    I went on to take my Master Practitioner and then became a Confident Childbirth practitioner through Quest as well and I don't want to sound too evangelical here, but, there really isn't any other way of saying it, it has really improved my life. I got the opportunity to work on my own stuff as well as improve my skills working with other people. These skills are absolutely transferable, whether it's at home in your family relationships or at work using language more effectively or setting goals for yourself to achieve all that you've ever dreamed of achieving.

    When I meet other practitioners who've trained elsewhere, I know that I really created my own luck training at Quest. When your friends and family start to see the changes in you, they become really interested themselves and my sister, Sarah, and good friend Richard, have since done the course and loved it as much as I did.

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