Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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  1. Trust me on this, I hunted high and low to find a hypnotherapy course that suited my exact requirements....
    Could I fly from Jersey to the UK and back over the course of a weekend in time to fit in around my work?
    Did it fulfill my need to receive a serious amount of training and in turn require a great deal of commitment on my behalf? (not an expensive long weekend followed by a few laminated sheets of scripts)
    Did it involve a great deal of work (to prove good training completed) and a worthwhile qualification in the end?
    To put it briefly Quest gave me all this and so much more.
    Oh how we laughed ourselves senseless at times and then there were the times I cried at the sheer emotion of it all.
    The Quest course changed me to the core of my being and the changes ring through my life now and will do forever.
    If you are thinking of taking up the noble art of hynotherapy I urge you to consider becoming a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. You will meet good good people, make great friends, be taught by two of the kindest and most considerate people it has ever been my pleasure to meet (Trevor & Bex Silvester) and there is a fair chance you will say at some point in the future 'it was the best decision I ever made' and as I write this, hand on my glowing happy heart (which makes typing a bit tough) I will state this for all to see...

    'Training with the Quest Institute was the best decision I ever made'

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