Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    You are probably reading these comments because you are considering taking the Diploma course with Quest. Well, consider no longer, just do it, because without a doubt it will be the best decision you ever make.

    Trevor is an exceptional teacher, making everyone feel valued and special, and enthusing them with his love of the subject. The sessions are full of humour which makes them incredibly enjoyable ... indeed it felt wrong at times to be having such fun whilst learning.

    The course is very well structured, with plenty of demonstrations and practice sessions, and some excellent course workbooks that I am sure I will be referring to for many years to come. Having spoken to people who have undertaken training with other training schools I do believe that this course offers so much more than most others. You will finish feeling as though you have a full set of tools and techniques under your belt with which to help any client who walks through your door.

    Another special thing about Quest is the support that is on offer after the course finishes, with an active support forum and bi-monthly meetings.

    Before I did my course I felt as though some of the comments posted here were too good to be true. Now I believe that every word was written with feeling and honesty. So read them, believe them, and know that you have been lucky enough to find the Quest website.

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