Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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    Where to begin?

    I searched for a place that would provide me with skills to help and empower myself and others. I had experienced the power of a few NLP techniques, and was eager to learn more. And, I was simultaneously captivated by, and suspicious of, hypnotherapy. I promised myself that I would undertake the study only if I found a place that inspired me with confidence in the “conviction” of the people who taught it and used it.

    I wasn’t sure at the time what I meant by “conviction” in that context, but I was certain that I would know it if I was lucky enough to trip over it. My search led me to Trevor and Rebecca Silvester and the Quest Institute. So here is what I now know I meant by “conviction,” having seen it and felt it and heard it and thought about it in the context of my experience at Quest:

    I found dedication driven by passion, married to principle, inspired by openness, constrained by precision, offered with generosity, and continuously evolving out of respect for people in all their frailty and magnificence.

    I was seeking skills and knowledge and indeed I found those a-plenty. But the most important bit is that I found teachers who walk the walk - skill by itself is not enough. One needs a context in which the utilisation of those makes sense and feels right.

    So, thanks, Trevor and Bex. I’ve thanked you before for the passion, creativity, and inspiration. Now, thanks for the purposeful cultivation of a community of skilled practitioners who know (with conviction) that success for one is success for all. Just what I was looking for all along!

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