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  1. I spent a lot of time looking at different courses wondering whether to go on a course run by Richard Bandler or Paul McKenna because they are well known and because I had read some of their books. But I found the Quest website and liked the feel of it and kept coming back to look. Then I read the reviews of people who had been on the course and they seemed enthusiastic and genuine.

    I met Trevor and Bex and found them both to be genuine, very likeable and very knowledgeable. I have now finished the course and am so grateful that I chose them and Quest. The teaching method is superb, I was quite well read in hypnotherapy and positive psychology before I started the course but this filled all the gaps and has given me the practical hands on techniques that I had only really read about.

    The learning materials that you take away each module are well written and packed with information. Plus I have met some lovely amazing people both on the course and through the Quest website.

    The course work was a challenge, there is a lot to learn and there is quite a bit of work to do for your qualification but I learnt it all while being thoroughly interested and amazed and having a great laugh (plus a few good nights down the pub!). The encouragement and support to do well, learn and succeed over the past ten months has also restored my basic faith in human kind. There are some good people out there and a lot of them are running or are on the Quest Course.

    The Regent’s Park College is also lovely environment to do the course in. I have only good things say about this course and would recommend it to anyone interested. You will love it.

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