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    It took me nearly three years to pluck uo the courage to do this course. It took a bad day at work just to tip the balance. As some one who is extremely cynical I wasn't really sure what to expect and spent some time waiting to be disapointed.However, it just didn't happen!
    As the course progresses I could see massive 'shifts' in people and I spent ages waiting for mine. The voice in my end telling me I needed proof to believe all of this for myself. So I am not quite sure how and when it all happened to me but it sure did!
    I had a fantastic time on the course, the whole set up was brilliant, Trevor, Bex and Jan always ready to offer advice. The assistants couldn't do enough to help and support all the way through the course, taking time out to wish us luck with the HPD and advice on my practice sessions. Last but not least my fellow pupils were brilliant.
    My advice to any cynic out there is to not wait for as long as I did to sign up for the course. It is life changing in ways you can not begin to imagine.
    It has left me feeling full of enthusiasm for the future and able to consider a worthwhile career where for once in my life I don't think I will be misunderstood and people will get me.
    Roll on the future!!

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