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    I cannot recommend this course enough. I have learnt so many new things and have wanted to keep on learning about this fascinating subject.
    I think a lot of it has to do with Trevor himself. His style of teaching is inclusive and just draws you in. He is so enthusiastic about his subjects that you can't help but catch his 'bug'. I never once felt bored or let my mind wander and that is saying a lot from someone who normally has lots of doodles on her exercise books - none whatsoever on any of my course notes - you can check!
    His metaphors and ‘jokes’ including his deluded love of Chelsea will keep you amused if nothing else.
    Trevor is incredibly knowledgeable about his topics and answers all questions put to him with honesty. He has a real gift for translating complex information into manageable small topics so that us newbies could understand without ever feeling that he is talking down to us.
    I showed some of my course notes to a friend who had graduated from another well known hypnotherapy school . She told me that the standard of these notes were far superior to what she had been given and that much of the information she had to find herself.
    With this course you will also have to be prepared to undergo positive changes in yourself (if you want to). I myself have become more confident and at ease with myself.
    The HPD is a lot of work but it is not a pointless coursework that you will put away and forget about once it is over. You will use it all in your career if you decide to practice as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist.
    Another reason for choosing the course is the amount of support you receive whilst on the course and once you have graduated. There is the forum, the assistants, the other students, monthly meetings, and ofcourse Bex and Jan who are on hand to answer even the most mundane of questions with a cheery smile or upbeat email.
    I researched 11 different courses before picking this one and i can honestly say Quest exceeded all my expectations!
    If you want to contact me regarding the course then please do my email address is

    All the best

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