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    When I first started thinking of training in hypnotherapy, I was baffled by the variety of options available. Then someone pointed me in the direction of Quest, and it certainly seemed to be what I was looking for: thorough, but not over-long, and focused on equipping graduates to go out and actually practise in future.

    First impressions were spot-on. The training is first-class (thanks to Trevor, who is truly a great communicator) and well-organised (thanks to Bex and Jan). A good balance of theory and practice, and enough content to make it comfortably possible to pass the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma - if you choose to, as it's optional - with its hefty word count.

    Each month I genuinely looked forward to the Quest weekends, and I met some lovely people. I shall miss our monthly get-togethers - but that's another good thing about Quest. There is a Quest network out there, linked by the website, that will allow those of us who want to to keep in touch and support each other.

    If you are thinking of training in hypnotherapy, you should definitely give serious consideration to signing up with Quest. You won't regret it.

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