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    I have spent many years both as a trainer and a trainee in a number of different contexts. I have a real love of learning and a love of helping others. I had benefited from a little Cognitive Hypnotherapy myself and that is what inspired me to go on the Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy course

    It's a tricky thing to try and share with anyone else how brilliant this course is because it sounds too good to be true.
    So let me try and categorise what I gained.
    1. A thorough and practical understanding of what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is.
    2. A collection of tools that I can use to help others. These are taught in such a way that from the moment you learn them you can use them. I did just that. After every weekend I went home and practised on friends and family and changed many lives.
    3. The ability, if you choose, to change the lives of many people for the better
    4. A new career. I got everything out of this in 10 months that I needed to set up a practice on day 1 after graduating.
    5. Personal development and growth. As you do the course and learn new stuff you practice on each other. Inevitably this can result in changes in who you are and how you are. And if you get it right, you don't need to go and see a therapist after because you've done all the work through the course ;)
    6. A bunch of amazing friends and you become part of the Quest network which is a very unique bunch of people - friendly, supportive and fun.
    7. Laughs. I can't say that all of Trevor's jokes are great (sorry Trevor) but he is an extremely entertaining presenter and by a mile the best trainer that I've ever been lucky enough to be trained by.

    I am very sad to have graduated because I loved it so much.

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