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    If you are looking for a course that teaches you to read a specific script for a given issue or condition, this course is not for you.

    I didn't write a review right after the course finished because I wanted to know what I was going to write. But, I decided it didn't matter how long I waited, words would never be enough to describe the experience.

    I will do my best to brain-dump some critical elements that I hope will give you an idea of what this course was about for me and of my experience.

    When I was being interviewed for the course by Trevor (Bex was sick that day), we talked about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy (CH) isn't psychotherapy and it isn't hypnotherapy but something in between. My humble description of CH is that it takes influences from the major psychological theories and combines them or integrates them with modern hypnotherapy. That fascinated me because my background is strongly influenced by psychotherapy (specifically Psychosynthesis) and I was keen to learn hypnotherapy.

    The things that drew me to the course were subtle and broad. The personalised approach taken by Trevor and Bex to hand-select the newest members to their organisation impressed me. I was assured that the ongoing and peer support was more than just marketing speak, that it was a reality and as the community grew, it required more and more time to support it. Having spoken to other people who trained in other well respected schools, I knew that what Trevor and Bex offered was extraordinary. The kindness and giving nature of everyone I have met through Quest continues to astonish me - and it became clear how special it was from the first month in the course when I was given access to the Forum where we post questions, share stories, and inspiration with other Quest members.

    About the course itself, what can I say? Every month's training weekend was filled with excitement, emotions, changes, insights, questions, learnings, and development. The only thing I didn't like about the course is that it was too short and/or not often enough. It was so great that I would have loved for it to be every two weeks and for it to last at least twice as long. Trevor is engaging, entertaining, patient, giving, and a great teacher/presenter.

    What you'll learn in the course is how to approach a wide variety of situations that extend well beyond the ideas of what hypnosis is typically used for. In fact, you will probably be surprised as I was about what hypnotherapy truly is, or more accurately, how versatile Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be. It is a powerful model of therapy and it's use needs to be respected with great responsibility and integrity; something that I have seen represented by every Quest graduate that I have met so far.

    The reality is that it is a great course and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about hypnotherapy or is involved in mental health and wants to expand their skill set to help people even more than before.

    I would be more than happy to speak or email with anyone that is interested. You can send me a message by left-clicking on my name (I think).

    If you are considering this course, I cannot recommend it enough but like everything else, it's not for everyone. Only you will know if it's right for you or not. I wish you all the best regardless of your decision. But if you decide to join, I hope your experience is as great for you as it has been, and continues to be, for me.

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