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    The NLP and Learning course is extremely valuable for anyone who wishes to understand and improve their own learning experience, to coach someone else in the same, or to share the material with their own training group. In my case, I learnt so much about my own style of learning and the techniques I could use to enhance it, that I immediately felt confident and excited about using the information with my own clients and sharing it with training groups.

    I’ve taken several courses over the last few years, all of which I really enjoyed. At the end of a course, however, I would often wonder where all that fascinating information had ‘disappeared’ to. It was a kind of ‘Well, I know I heard it and saw it and enjoyed experiencing it, but now where’s it all gone when I need it?’ Yet, during the three days of the NLP and Learning course, for the first time, the information remained ‘sticky’.

    And the ‘stickiness’ of information in the brain is crucial for being able to recall it. The ability to go beyond simply recognising information and actually being able to automatically recall it at will is a large part of the training. I learnt many techniques for receiving, storing, and recalling information—techniques that can be tweaked and combined to suit any personality type and learning type. I learnt about the different personality and learning types; optimum states for learning; strategies for trusting that I know what I need to know; and methods of revision that reduce the time I spend revising what I already know (why waste time on that?) and concentrate on what it is that I don’t yet know but, simply through the act of this focussed style of revision, I will know.

    And having that ability to receive, store and recall what you learn by translating the material to suit your own unique style of learning has powerful knock-on effects in that it gives you a confidence in your academic ability that fuels your motivation to learn and an assuredness that you’ll know what you need to know when it comes time to demonstrate it (be it an exam or another situation).

    As always, Trevor’s training was full of lots of fun and laughter with a variety of activities accommodating everyone’s style. I recommend the course highly. I only wish it had been available when I was 10 when I really had no idea about how to learn.

    Do this course for yourself or for your children, and you’ll learn how to make any learning and study experience something to be enjoyed. Imagine that!

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