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    Having attended this weekend as the 'final' (formal) piece of my masterprac jigsaw I can safely say I wish I had taken it first! To say 'they should teach this shit in schools' would be a complete understatement and also a statement of my future intent.

    I meant to do it the last two years but events conspired against me.

    One of my fellow attendees pointed out that one little nugget (which I have used on two clients today already) was worth the weekend on it's own. He kinda suggested he could have done with this piece of info on weekend 1 of the diploma course. I said if he had been given it then he would never have noticed it's significance.

    This morning I realised it was actually the THIRD time I had been 'given' this little golden nugget, but the FIRST time I had had the context (and experience?) to realise it's significance.

    I would heartily recommend this course to anybody and everybody, but especially to those who will be halfway through Q31 next September.
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