Page after page of value, both as a therapist as well as personally

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    Having thoroughly enjoyed Trevor Silvester’s WordWeaving series of books, I was keen to get my grubby hands on his latest offering, ‘Cognitive Hypnotherapy’ - especially as it’s been 4 years in the making.

    Thankfully, one of the perks of being Editor of the NCH Hypnotherapy Journal means that I’m sometimes lucky enough to get a sneaky peak before everyone else, and so it was that I found myself immersed in the typesetter’s copy of the manuscript one sunny afternoon in September, some 3 months before publication. A rare treat indeed!

    There is no doubt that this is an ambitious book - ‘Cognitive Hypnotherapy’ sets out a comprehensive framework for understanding ourselves and our lives, and a way for therapists of all backgrounds to better tailor their treatments to their clients.

    It has, at its core, a simple premise - that people are either engaged in ‘growth’, which empowers and enriches life, or in ‘protection’, which shuts down our creative abilities and choices in favour of survival.

    As I read the book, which draws on a vast array of sources - from Bruce Lipton to Bruce Lee - I started to get a sense of why it has been so long in the making. This is no compendium of techniques, it’s a fully thought out philosophy of therapy which embraces ‘what works’ from many disciplines and seeks to understand it within the Cognitive Hypnotherapy framework.

    As the author notes, “[Cognitive Hypnotherapy] is not a ‘style’ of therapy, more a style of thinking to guide therapy”.

    In many respects, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is like an evolution of NLP - NLP models excellence to create interventions that work, and Cognitive Hypnotherapy takes interventions that work and seeks to understand the principles of mind which underpin their efficacy so the therapist is better equipped to respond fluidly to the needs of the client.

    Reading this book was a real pleasure and I felt a genuine excitement - as if my subconscious mind were recognising some lost ancient wisdom in the message - and I found page after page of value, both as a therapist as well as personally.

    Trevor’s passion and knowledge shine through every page of this marvellous book, and whether you are a therapist or someone looking to help yourself, the message will touch your life profoundly.

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