The art of explaining 'The Science of Suggestion'

Discussion in 'Wordweaving Volume I' started by Jamie Knott, May 8, 2003.

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    As someone still only a relatively short way down the road less travelled of mastering the use of NLP (ie 4 books completed on the subject, including the magnificent Frogs to Princes) it dawned on me some months ago that I would benefit from a deeper understanding of the hypnotic language aspects. For me, Trevor Silvester's book 'Wordweaving' has represented the difference that makes the difference to my understanding of NLP, as well as a number of other important issues relating to the way I communicate with myself. If you are wondering about what should be your next purchase on the subject, believe me...this particular book will help you connect (or rather inter-connect) the components. As for the author's style of writing and graphical representations...superb. It is as if you can imagine him speaking to you. The only naff thing about this book is the author's seeming guilt trip when it comes to promoting his next book. He clearly shouldn't be.

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