The Best Book on Therapy Ever Written

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    I have read self-help books and technical books on therapies since I was about 18. There are a few that stand out and I have kept them all these years, now dog-eared on my shelf. And it'll be a long time before I pick them up again, if ever.

    If you are interested in therapy as a profession, if you are already practising or if you just want to understand why you respond the way you do to certain situations, this book is like a Haynes Manual to the human brain.

    Layout - is clear, concise and appealing even to those like me who prefer visual impact. Helpful boxes that shout out key points draw the eye, so if you just want a five minute top up of pleasurable reading, you can open anywhere in the book and have a lightbulb moment.

    Technical Support - if instead, you prefer lots of technical data designed to convince even the most hardened sceptic, it's all there.

    Personal - for those like me who want to get closer to understanding who the writer is, Trevor Silvester's personality and approachability shine through.

    I was surprised how big the book is when it arrived from Amazon. It feels weighty, chunky and solid, yet with a soft back cover, that makes it easy to carry around.

    But most of all, it is absolutely packed with brilliant information about Cognitive Hypnotherapy, how it is a framework which can flex and bend to incorporate any other useful therapy method so that it can be used to help any client deal with their expression of their problem, rather than the label given to it. This book offers a vision for a future when therapy belongs to everyone as a set of tools that we can either do alone or ask for help with.

    It's like the Apple that makes the PC look boring - suddenly the pompous image of a therapist looking down on their client and making a judgement on what their problem is - and dare I say it, pre-written books with hypnotic scripts - look really outdated.

    A brilliant book - miss it and miss out.

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