This isn't just a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy. This is what you make it

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    By looking at this page, it may be a logical assumption to assume that you're thinking about signing up to the Quest Institutes' Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy course. If this is correct, then there's only one answer; DO IT.

    Whether you're thinking about doing this course for professional reasons, personal development, or just because you've heard about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and want to find out more, the course fits all of those aims and so much more. For me, it was all about professional development with the aim of setting up a Cogntive Hypnotherapy business in the not-too-distant future. However, over the 10 months, I got so much more out the course; a personal journey of discovery that helped me to learn more about the capabilites I have, develop relationships with friends, family and others around me, and a general understanding of what makes us all 'tick'.

    Skillfully presented by the talented and knowledgeable Trevor Silvestor, he is able to connect with everbody on the course on a personal level and with the patient support of a commited group of assistants, Bex and Jan, there's always somebody who can give support and discuss things further, whether it's HPD related or just a general Cog Hyp question.

    I'm so pleased I've done this course and now have access to the big support network which is Quest. It's a decision i'm not going to look back on without fond memories.

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