This should be a part of teacher training.!!!!

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    As a teacher, this course has helped to improve my delivery as well as given me practical techniques to teach my students and colleagues. I was aware of a lot of the principles previously but this course has helped me to adapt my approach to make it as relevant and practical as possible. I have had great success.

    It has helped me to clearly promote good study skills and provided a platform to discuss how to learn rather than just what to learn. Some students have had an amazing improvement in their ability to recall which has increased their results and their confidence. It’s great to see when a student discovers a way of learning that suits them. Some of the students who were struggling the most, have benefited the most. For example, a student who has found it difficult to sound basic words for years is now reading independently. For him, making such progress after years of getting nowhere has given him the encouragement he needed.

    I teach the NLP techniques to all levels of students and have had great feedback. For me, it has helped people who struggle cope better and good learners become great...... :)

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