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    It's entirely impossible to mention all the benefits of this course; like others who have posted here, one can only get across a sense of what it is like.

    Throughout the ten months the word I used most often to describe the weekends was 'inspirational.' They truly are; every subject area is taught in an entertaining but thoughtful and thought-provoking way. There was not a single weekend where I came away from the course without a bag-load of ideas of the type of therapy I wanted to do, the type of therapist I wanted to be, who in my life at that point I could help and what I learned about myself. As I said, inspirational.

    There was never any doubt in my mind that I would practice as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist when I started the course, but I now completely understand why some people would do the course JUST for their own personal development.

    I defy anyone to finish this course and treat their spouse, friends and or family members the same ever again. You'll have greater understanding of the meaning behind those differences, gestures, conflicts and other behaviours that were hidden from you before. I could go on.

    Leaving aside the fabulous support of the Quest network of staff and graduates, the weekends are a reason alone to do this course. It's inspirational.

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