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Discussion in 'Wordweaving Online Certification' started by ordgar, Sep 26, 2012.

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    I thought that the course was really excellent and I found it both enjoyable and informative. I have done a few online training courses in my time and this one ranks as one of the best.
    The instructions said that it was best done using Internet Explorer, but I used Google Chrome and had no problems.
    I have a few ideas for what I would consider to be improvements, but none of them are major.
    1. I would have liked more information up front about the number of hours study and the breakdown into watching videos, practicing etc.
    2. I think that many people doing this course would have already purchased the first two books and it would have been nice to opt out of getting second copies of these.
    3. I would have liked more practical exercises - perhaps a list of direct suggestions that should be converted to indirect Wordweaving and similar stuff.
    4. I think the final exam should be harder. Writing out a script is only half the battle - you need to be able to deliver it as well. I think that the student should submit an MP3 file of them actually reading the script - maybe only for a couple of minutes.

    Nevertheless, I would highly recommend the course and, in fact, have already done so to a colleague, so you may start to get a few applications from Ireland.

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