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    This is a terrific course that teaches the elements that make up Wordweaving, building knowledge incrementally. I liked the practical approach with a live therapy session used to demonstrate the various elements that are part of the Wordweaving method of formulating and delivering hypnotic suggestions. The course teaches about how suggestions can be aimed to ensure they are targeted for maximum effect as well as how to construct hypnotic language patterns, with lots of useful examples. I found the information on forming suggestion loops particularly valuable in saving preparation time while reinforcing the hypnotic effect.

    The live seminar presentation made learning easier and I found it helpful to be able to pause, replay and bookmark the course so that it fitted in with the time I had available. It was also useful to be able to download and/or print off the slides and workbooks to use alongside the live material and then keep them for reference, along with the additional resource material supplied. The audio support material is another great way of embedding the learning further without actually having to sit in front of the PC.

    Wordweaving is really exciting as it frees us all from the need to use generic material and enables us to create and deliver exactly what is most effective for each individual client. Initially new practitioners will probably prefer to write out their own Wordweaving ‘scripts’ for clients as a way of embedding learning further, but with time it becomes easier to spontaneously create very powerful, precisely targeted hypnotic suggestions.

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