Wordweaving Practitioner Certification

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  1. What a brilliant idea!

    The course is well thought-out and executed. The learning points are easy to grasp and are beautifully illustrated with explanations, background information and diagrams, making the whole experience of this fascinating concept extremely enjoyable.

    The sequence of lessons leading me, the student, through the steps, pulling the different components together, allowed me to consolidate my learning as I went along. The tests at the end of each section confirmed that I was ready to move on to the next stage.

    I have to confess, it gave my brain a bit of a work-out, this is advanced stuff. There was a lot to take in, but it was so well organised that bit by bit, at my own pace, I progressed. The great thing was that I could take my time and fit the modules in when it was convenient to me.

    And in any case, as someone very famous once said, “It’s not supposed to be easy, just possible!”

    And it was!

    I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to increase their understanding and ability to use advanced language patterns to influence positive change.

    Lysette Offley
    Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Henley on Thames

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