Wordweaving Practitioner Certification

Discussion in 'Wordweaving Online Certification' started by Barbara Charlotte Clegg, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Kia Ora and Thank you, Trevor, for putting together such a wonderful online course.
    When I was searching for a way to continue learning and improving my skills, and finding a way to do this while building up a business in a new country, renovating a home and enjoying a sort of 'solo mum' situation, my choices were pretty limited - at first. It was a wonderful synchronicity to come across the Wordweaving course.
    I had done some distant studies before - and in some cases really missed the one-to-one study room quality - and in this case I found everything I needed:
    Quality, Intensity and Trevor's assistance allow me to feel that I have obtained a great training. And I loved sensing Trevor's enthusiasm and dedication to make things work.
    Good success to all future students.
    Barbara (Gentle=Works) www.walkyourtalkinternational.co.nz

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