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  1. Having read the WordWeaving vol I, I was keenly looking forward to Vol II - but what it is is not what it was to be; what it is is more than it was to be. When you read something that fits your map of the world, everything just fits together, and this book does that for me.

    The first read was my usual scan through and pick up some of the major points, but now I have read it a second time I realise how well it provides a framework for therapists wanting to create a framework for their own way of working. When an NLP process goes really well, your client often forgets what their problem was, right in front of you. With this book, as I get to the end of a chapter, I keep thinking, "this is so obvious, and it feels so natural to do it like this". Just like a really well-executed NLP process.

    There are a couple of obvious errors with one diagram, and you can see where text changes have been rapidly put in just before publication. I appreciate that - it gives me the feel that I have been present at the start of something new. Now of course, I am looking forward to Vol III, but that's another story....
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