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    My reasons for doing this course were to learn about Cognitive Hypnotherapy with an aim to be able to practise. I was somewhat sceptical coming from a more "science" based background. However, I have learnt so much both about myself and what the brain-body can do, or not do and what exciting things may or may not happen with the tools we have learnt to help people help themselves. I believe that Cog Hyp. has so much to offer and Quest is a brilliant Institute in which to train. Trevor has great skill in teaching and all the assistants, supervisors, Bex and Jan - all who make it a rewarding experience make me feel honoured to have had the opportunity to do the course.

    I know this is a bit OTT - but it is true as well, so thank you all in Q32 who have made it a special group to be in and all those involved in the modules and training.

    Debbie xx

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