Learn Cognitive Hypnotherapy from its founder, Trevor Silvester

Are you looking for a course that could be the springboard for a wonderfully fulfilling new career as a therapist, or a powerful addition to your existing skill-set? We believe we offer the highest level of training in an approach that lies at the cutting edge of therapy, with incomparable post-course support.

Learn more about our diploma in cognitive hypnotherapyOur next  Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma course begins in  October 2014.

This video will show you, in 3 minutes, how Cognitive Hypnotherapy works

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I press play on the CD player and the opening bars of Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ suddenly filled the car. Instantly my two sons, Mark, 7, and Stuart, 5 burst into excited song. I sing along too. It’s 1991, we’re on our way to Majorca, and I’ve never felt so lost and alone.
I was a year into [...]

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We’re an Institute. For real!

How many of you knew that the word ‘Institute’ is protected by law, in that you are only allowed to use it with the permission of the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills? I’m guessing not a lot of people within the world of Hypnotherapy, and we were among the ignorant.
Until we got [...]

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Michael Mosley shows us that pessimism is a choice

Michael Mosley is one of the most useful makers of documentaries.  His one on weight loss made the health benefits of fasting twice a week so compelling that Bex and I have adopted it since January. With a strong  family history of diabetes it made sense,  and I found that combining it with listening to [...]

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